1. Old but I just found it (I was looking for a German word for “the comfort of doing familiar things”–still looking): On Repeat: Why People Watch Movies and Shows Over and Over.

One of the nice things about old movies is that they can’t surprise us. We know how they end, and we know how we’ll feel when they end. This makes the re-consumption of entertainment a bit like “emotional regulation,” Russell and Levy write. New books, movies, and TV shows can deliver spectacular thrills, but they can also waste our time and disappoint us. Old movies never disappoint us: We get older, they stay the same age. Returning to familiar entertainment is, to be perfectly stiff about this sort of thing, emotionally efficient. We’ll get exactly the emotional payoff we’re looking for—no surprises.

2. Funny! Maddening! But funny! If You’re Not Sure How a Male Author Would Describe You, Use Our Handy Chart