I can’t get photos to upload this week so here’s a poem to start things off. After The Writer’s Almanac folded, I found Matthew Ogle’s “Pome” newsletter that sends out a short modern one every day and subscribed to that. This is from there and is delightful (I’ve always wondered what the world must look like as a bird hops along).


Walking Like a Robin
Bernadette Mayer (2016)

take 3 or 4 steps then stop
look smell taste touch & hear
is there anything to eat?
oh look, there’s some caviar
it must be my birthday, thanks
i must be very old, like seventy
i guess i’m falling apart, i’ll just
sew myself back together but will it last?
please take a piece of me back home, each piece
is anti-war and don’t pay your rent, in fact
remember: property is robbery, give everybody
everything, other birds walk this way too