How did I get a B.Mus. in Music History but am only just learning about synth artist Jean-Michel Jarre? What do they teach them at these schools? Clearly, not enough about new music-pop crossover artists who were married to Charlotte Rampling and play the LASER HARP:

Laser harps aside, Jarre is a legit new music artist–classically trained, studied musique concrete, with Pierre Schaefer, worked with Stockhausen, and was the first Western artist to be invited to perform in China in 1981. (The documentary and concert is on YouTube and is gloriously 80s.)

He also staged the largest (at the time) outdoor concert in Houston in 1986, which was planned to celebrate Houston’s sesquicentennial and NASA’s 25th anniversary, but ended up being a memorial for the Challenger disaster. (Read more about it here.) That is a great one to watch to get into Jarre:

He hasn’t stopped performing and recording since the 80s and is currently at Coachella, where I hope everyone has their mind blown by the LASER HARP