Like I said yesterday, I’ve already made a circa 1998 cutaway top and I really love it:

This is the Greenstyle Sky Tank in a stash cotton rib in the waist length. Highly recommend for a quick sew that will let you relive all your high school fashion dreams, but with more muscles and less anxiety.

I also finished these bright! chartreuse! linen! wide! pants! at the same time and realized they worked really well together:

I think there’s just something that happens after you turn 40 where you become more and more attracted to linen–right after your mid-30s when you realize that you won’t stand for uncomfortable clothes any more. This explains Eileen Fisher and I am 100% in her demographic but I hate how neutral it all is.

Good thing I can sew! Elizabeth Suzann has very similar vibes to Eileen Fisher, but offers sewing patterns so you can make your loose elastic pants in any color you want. The pattern is expensive for what you get (I had to add pockets on my own) but the drafting is really great: They’re extremely comfortable and not “dumpy” in the rear. I used an almost-neon green linen from Fabrics Store, which has relentless emails but also pretty nice linen.

Wide-legged chartreuse linen pants definitely encapsulate the “maximal summer” vibe I want this year: bright, spacious, easy, comfortable. Add a 90s top and Birkenstocks and you’re all set.