I found that title phrase on Instagram and immediately decided it was the ideal descriptor for my summer of recreating the vibes of the mid to late 90s: The first Beck album on repeat, less internet and more wandering around, pretending I don’t have a job.

Thanks to 90s and 2000s fashion coming back again, I can even wear the original hot girl trends like cutaway tanks:

(That is a screenshot from the music video for Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” from 1999 and it will get stuck in your head.)

I never wore anything like this the first time around because I couldn’t figure out a bra and my arms were too skinny. Well, now my arms are the size of tree trunks and I can sew something with a shelf bra:

This is the Greenstyle Sky Tank and I’ve already sewn up the tank version. I don’t really wear dresses but I just might have to do the below knee length and put my hair in little buns. If only I still had my weird narrow sunglasses from college!

Hot Regressive Girl Summer, here we come.