Like I said yesterday, spending an afternoon just playing with paper and glue really took me back to my early teens. Bookbinding is fun! And pretty simple! Like any new hobby, you just have to do it to get good at it and this little stab stitch-bound book already taught me a lot. (Namely that making sure all your holes are lined up is really important, and that every tutorial calls for waxed thread for a reason [because unwaxed embroidery floss tangles too much].)

I had just about everything I needed on hand except glue and a brush, so this was a pretty low-stakes entry to a new craft. I used some fancy wrapping paper and the aforementioned embroidery floss and this tutorial.

I, ahem, did have to go buy glue at the art store and maybe a kit to make a casebound book jumped into my cart at the same time…so that might be the next project for a hot weekend.