Sure, I sewed the fronts on backwards, but I didn’t let that stop me from finishing my second Wiksten Kimono Jacket. I wanted this fabric on my body!

“Help I can’t lower my arms!”

This is a magical cuddly cotton jacquard from Stonemountain. I wanted a blanket-y summer weight jacket, one to take to overly air conditioned movie theaters or scrunch up on a plane, so I didn’t line it. (The jacquard would probably have been happier to have a lining to stabilize it a little but I can throw it in the dryer if it sags out of shape too much.) I did tape all the seams, sew them on the regular machine, and then finish with the serger, just to reinforce it where I could.

I lined the undercollar with plain navy sateen, since I didn’t want to deal with getting interfacing to stick to jacquard and I didn’t want a quadruple thickness of an already-thick fabric up around my neck.

The fabric and the shape are so forgiving you can’t tell I sewed part of it backwards–I love it when sewing has a happy ending. It’s slouchy and soft and makes me feel like I’m wearing one of those woven couch throws from the late 80s.