I’ve made three functional pairs of gym tights and am working on numbers four and five, so it was time to make some tops to go with them.

The front two are the Greenstyle Creations Solo Tank, in leftover leopard nylon tricot and a Polartec PowerDry mesh. I’ve made three patterns now from Greenstyle and I am really impressed by their drafting. This tank pattern is a dead ringer for the $45 (!) EcoMesh tank from Outdoor Voices and the fit is maybe even better.

The one in the back is the free Durango Tank from Hey June in a wicking performance knit (which is really nice!). The details on this one make it look really professional and I like the lines, but I think I need to make an FBA if I make it again–the fit just isn’t quite as perfect.

I got all three of these done with my Monday off a couple weeks ago. Doing the arm and neck binding on the Solo Tanks made me wish for a coverstitch machine, but the serger and a twin needle in the regular sewing machine did just fine. (I don’t need a $600 specialty machine, right? Or do I?)