I feel as if I completely squandered my four day weekend, but at least I got some sewing done. Here’s that double gauze blouse:

I made this pattern last year as a dress, but the double gauze was a new experience. It was kind of like working with Kleenex, in that the layers would stick to each other and there’s no drape to the finished shirt whatsoever. I think it will look OK with jeans, though. I’ll channel my inner hippy.

And here’s that paisley Liberty of London print from the fall projects pile:
This I finished before the weekend but it got bumped for quilt photos last week. I’ve made this pattern before, too, so it came together quickly. I like working with these busy small prints–it keeps things interesting while you’re finishing seams. (I realize that this one also looks kind of hippy-ish. I guess I should just embrace that.)