I’ve been trying to use up some remnants and had a big piece left from some space-dyed spandex I bought for gym tights, so I made some new hiking shorts. Of course, then I bought fabric for a top, negating any benefit from using what I have, but hey! look at my new outfit!

The shirt fabric is a deadstock Under Armour “cooling jersey” and it’s the best technical fabric I’ve used to date. With a lot of my gym tights, the fabric says it’s wicking but it really isn’t. But this stuff was magical–I could feel a breeze through it and the minute I started to sweat, it was cool (but also didn’t show sweat on the surface? magic!). I used the Waimea Rash Guard pattern from Greenstyle and, like all Greenstyle patterns, it went together beautifully.

The shorts are the Venice Beach Shorts, also from Greenstyle, and this Elder Millenial loves the late 70s/early 80s summer vibes. I used the free “Contour Waistband” download on their site instead of the waistband as drafted and they sit great under my pack. I also added inset zip pockets instead of the regular slant pockets and made the pocket bags out of mesh for more ventilation.

Like I said Monday, we’re not hiking as much lately–but a new outfit is a good reason to start again, right?