In my last few batches of giant soft undies, I’ve mentioned the styles from Arq, which are American made/sweatshop free and thus not overpriced at $38 a pop–but if I can make it myself for less, why not?  For this latest set, I was directly inspired by this image from the Arq Instagram:

An evening of clicking around turned up two very similar knits from and then in two hours I had this dupe:

Seeing them side by side, I could scoop out the front of the Greenstyle Embrace bra a little more next time, but those Bunzies undies are nearly identical.

I’m all recovered from the second vaccine dose yesterday and realizing that in two weeks we can take a ROAD TRIP–maybe to a hot spring, maybe to a place with a pool? Either way, it’s time to start working on some swimwear next. I might just use the same patterns.