I’ve decided it’s the year of the capybara and also the year of quilts. I have two different quilty projects going on and we’re only four days into the new year.

I started what will be an all-year project: a new bed quilt in a “trip around the world” pattern. We have a king-size bed and these are two-inch finished squares, so…I hope I don’t get bored with it any time soon. (So far, it’s really fun to play with colors; I’m also using this tutorial that speeds things up a bit.)

I’ve also started a quilted chore coat. Did I already make a deeply involved quilted coat? Yes, but that one is long and has a black background and no collar. This one will be short with a white background and a collar. Completely different!

I’m making sawtooth star blocks using this tutorial and I can see them getting better. Amazing what happens with a little practice.