What I did the most of in 2019 (besides sewing)

Happy New Year’s Eve! My birthday on the 3rd is for resolutions, but I like to go back through the year and do a project recap–just to get what I made in one place and remember what worked and what didn’t.

What I sewed the most was active wear, which makes sense because it’s probably what I wore the most (I’m lifting 4 days a week, bros!). I discovered Greenstyle Creations, whose patterns make your butt look amazing, and I discovered a whole new world of athletic fabric suppliers and custom printers. Being able to make my own tights (with POCKETS) was a revelation and also saved me about $80 per pair vs. buying the high-performance, colorful ones I’m drawn to. Plus, they’re so comfortable and, as I said, make your butt look amazing (I mean, all the squats help, but it’s good drafting.).

I pretty much made a whole new gym/hiking wardrobe, plus a swimsuit (!):

I made regular clothes, too, from lounge wear to work outfits:

And, in a departure from my all-pants wardrobe of the last 5 years, I made skirts and dresses:

Doc got some things this year, too:


That’s 36 sewn garments for me and Doc (plus 2 knitted sweaters). Last year’s output was 32, so it’s about the same for this year–but it feels like a lot more because I really filled a hole in my wardrobe with all the gym clothes. I also finished 7 out of the 9 things I planned for the 2019 Make Nine (included in the list above). And let’s not forget that I got a NEW SEWING MACHINE in August, which is seriously some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

I’m not doing a Make Nine again (I get too distracted) but 2020’s plans will probably include sports bras, more gym tights, finally sewing up this fabric from 2018, and maybe getting a coverstitch machine (so I can make gym clothes even FASTER, of course).


Favorite make of the year and it’s all due to the fabric