My first week of work was notable for lots of friendliness and busyness–and for not knowing what the hell to wear every day. It’s a little dressier than the the last place and the weather was not cooperating, so I tried the t-shirt and blazer combo for four days. But Friday I said to myself, “This is bunk, I’m wearing a dres,” and Mr. Isbell said, “You’re just happier in a dress. There’s a sparkle in your eye when you wear one.” And it’s true.

So I finished a new one over the weekend and wore it yesterday and I was indeed happier. It was also a lot easier to get ready.

I used the fabric from Japan (finally), and this pattern, which looks to be from the’60s. I made the left version but without any sleeves, because the weather has to warm up someday. And I’m trying to have the right version with the neck ruffle finished for next week.