What better thing to do with your quarantine time than to make a fancy robe and then force* your significant other to recreate fashion shoots?

Still mastering that casual “just touch your hair” pose

This all started with the fabric–a tiger print rayon from Workroom Social that was sold out for, no joke, over a year. When I got the email that it was back in stock, I bought first and figured I’d make a plan later.

I still get emails from Emerson Fry about fancy clothes I can make for much less, and I remembered they were selling this tiger print “Fete Kimono” that caught my eye. Then Helen’s Closet had a sale and I bought their Suki Robe pattern and it all fell into place.

I didn’t have anywhere near enough fabric but I made it work: Since I was going to wear this as a jacket, not a real robe, I cut a size down. I also chopped 5 inches off the shortest length and just lengthened the sleeves vs. cutting a separate sleeve band. Once again, I was really impressed by Helen’s Closet drafting and instructions–I thought the neckband inset would be fiddly but it all went together really well.

I’d seen some younger coworkers wearing the “kimono as jacket” trend (back in the Before Times) and always wanted to try it, so I’m happy I was able to make one for myself. Plus, I can literally sit around working in my robe.



*Doc has actually been extremely patient as I make him take pictures for the blog, which is usually in the afternoon when everyone’s (my) blood sugar is lowest and we’ve already rattled around the house together all day. He’s a good sport.