After I made the Style Arc Blaire shirt and said that the new Kalle shirt pattern from Closet Case Files was “already drafted to be what I really wanted,” I wanted to try it.

Since I was spending $22 on a printed pattern and shipping and felt pretty confident about the outcome–despite never having made a Closet Case pattern before (dun dun dun)–I went with something not too nice but that would be fun and wearable: Unicorn-embroidered seersucker.


On paper–and on the hanger–this is great. But, as it turns out, I like the Blaire shirt a lot more. It’s drafted more elegantly, I think; the sleeves on this Kalle are shorter than I wanted and the collar stand is¬†giant, which¬†pushes the collar up higher on your neck than it should. (I’m going to do a side-by-side review next week.)

I wish I loved it more, but in the end I still have a unicorn shirt that I don’t have to be too precious about. I even walked over to downtown’s most ridiculous hotel to get a bathroom selfie there, vs. my un-gilded and un-marbled bathroom at home: