For our fifth anniversary, I made Doc the traditional gift of “condiment-colored loungewear.”  This is the Rebel Raglan sweatshirt in bamboo terry and matching ribbing from Blackbird Fabrics.

More online fabric companies need to match their ribbing to their sweatshirting because when Blackbird Fabrics did it, I couldn’t click “buy” fast enough. Literally–they had a really great muted rust and even a nice blue and those were gone before I could get an order in.

I did clear this mustard color with Doc before I bought it and again when it arrived. He deemed it “OK for loungewear” but sometimes I forget not everyone loves 70’s yellow the way I do. (Also, I realized I love it so much that now his sweatshirt matches my own Everlane sweatshirt I wear around the house. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Three guesses as to who really, really loves this fabric and color, though: