Here are the blouse, the quilt top, and the sweater that I talked about finishing in yesterday’s post:

The blouse is a really nice linen my friend found online and I used a vintage pattern from my mom.

I’m pretty happy with how mod it is (and how it’s camouflage in my orange bedroom):

Next up, the sweater that’s been in progress for three years–started in 2010, blogged about in 2011 and earlier this year–is finally DONE.
IMG_0860It’s not the softest wool or the best fit, but I will wear it as a layer for hiking. (If  I wear it over my Smartwool base layers, can I pretend I’m a sheep with all the wool?)

And finally, the biggest accomplishment of the weekend: The t-shirt blocks are pieced for the quilt I’m making for a friend. This is huge–I’ve had the shirts for about a year, I started prepping them in February, I cut squares in April, and now they’re all sewn together.

I was really out of my comfort zone with this: I’ve only made one other quilt before, t-shirt quilts have different (and more) steps , the random layout was a challenge to plan, I had to cut the squares precisely, there were some tricky corners to sew, etc. Plus, this is a memorial quilt, so the shirts are precious and the pressure is high. But I’m really proud of it. All the planning and postponing made the sewing it together pretty smooth, and I did a really good job (if I do say so myself). (Toby agrees with me, I think.)

Next up is a border for the shirts and then piecing the back of the quilt, but the hard part’s over and I’m happy.