I didn’t get as much knitting finished as I’d hoped during my time off after Christmas but the new sewing machine certainly helped me get some projects done.

I finished this tunic pattern from the 70’s in gray corduroy. It looks medieval to me, but Mr. Isbell said that I looked like an elf from Lord of the Rings and my mother mentioned Star Wars. I think those were all compliments, though.

Here, I just look like a cat wrangler. (It’s really tricky to get a picture of gray corduroy in a dark apartment at dusk. This was the best one.)

I was able to start and almost finish another blouse, using all the seam finishes and bell and whistles on the new Bernina. This one has already prompted Mr. Isbell to say, “The collar is like a Star Trek villain’s,” but I like it. It just needs buttonholes and a hem.
I’ll try to have a (better-lit) modeled shot next week. Maybe there will be some knitting, too!