There’s a fine line between “cool art teacher” and “clown from the 70s” but I think this jumpsuit just barely falls on the right side of that line:

This is from my 2019 Make Nine list (ha, remember that?) and it’s a vintage jumpsuit pattern that I’ve made before. This time, I added some elastic to the back casing to give it some shape so it would veer more art teacher than clown pants.

The fabric is sold-out-everywhere Kokka “Keshiki” twill that I bought from Stonemountain in 2018. I love it (it has all the Bob Ross colors!) but I just barely had enough for this–and the scale of the print repeat means it looks like I used a different fabric on the two fronts.

I was afraid that that would steer it into full clown territory, but I love the finished product. I got the sweetest compliment from coworker when I wore it to work–she said she wanted to “stand up and applaud” when she saw it. I think that means it’s a success.