Today’s project reinforces why I’m glad I can sew: I wanted a new spring coat that was long enough to look good over dresses, but there just wasn’t anything out there. So I made one:
Looking good over a dress, oh yes.

I used an out-of-print Simplicity pattern (which I sewed once before, about four years ago) and made it in striped canvas from IKEA, cutting everything so the stripes were horizontal. Here’s a hanger shot, so you can see how the stripes line up across the front and the sleeves. (Check out the yellow lining, too!)

This came together easily and quickly–I worked on it nearly non-stop for a week, just because I was so excited that what I saw in my head was working out. I like it over dresses, but I think I like it even more with skinny pants and ballet flats , all buttoned up and looking like some mod character from a Fellini movie.

(That, or the

I’m going with Fellini, though. See?

Dramatic collar, weekend hair.