I had an idea and some fabric I didn’t care about and Joann stores had Simplicity patterns at $1. So I tried making one of those “waterfall cardigans” with an idea to wear it to yoga.* 

Of course,  then I realized that having a lot of moving fabric around your waist is probably not the best thing for yoga, so I experimented with tying it: 

I’m not sure. It’s a test, after all, so I don’t have to feel bad if I don’t wear it too much. I used Simplicity 1945 and some random burnout tie-dye knit I’d ordered online a couple years ago, somehow not realizing it was either burnout or tie-dye.

*Assuming I ever get back to a real class, that is. Anybody have a favorite Anusara teacher who has a class people working normal hours can get to?