I finished the second of my 2019 Make Nine last week–a sweatshirt in some “gold grunge double knit” from Stonemountain (it’s long gone; I bought it last year).

I used the Grainline Linden sweatshirt pattern but it nearly didn’t work out: I forgot how low Grainline necklines are, so even with adding an inch to the neck opening, it was way too scooped. I fudged it by re-cutting a wider neckband and putting that on instead, but it wasn’t fun to unpick serging on this double knit.

Then after the neckband was fixed, I wanted the whole thing more cropped, so I ended up taking off the bottom band and cutting two inches off the body.

Overall this was harder than I thought it would be, but it did turn out how I pictured it. (I had a moment mid-project where I was sure I’d wasted the good fabric on something I’d never wear.)  Lesson learned, though: I’m going to try the Sloane pattern from Named for the next sweatshirt.