I thought I had outgrown the need to buy whatever new and popular release was out there from fabric designers¬† (remember all the Amy Butler madness of the early 2000s?) but apparently I am still susceptible. I saw the April Rhodes blog tour for her line “Arizona After” and thought, “Hey, that orange rayon is nice.”

Because all I want to make are pants, I made another pair of Hudsons, thinking the drape of the rayon would be good with the pattern. It’s drapey for sure–but it wrinkles terribly, and there’s no dark color or twill weave to hide that fact (unlike the black pair I made).

Wrinkling aside, these sewed up with no problems and I think I’m going to love them–just maybe not as a four-season pant like I first thought. Like the fabric’s namesake, I think they’re going to work best in the heat, with Birkenstocks and a t-shirt and long summer evenings.