Here’s another pair of Super G tights in a festive elf stripe for cooler weather, from a limited print run by Blended Thread Fabrics:

Please notice that stripe matching over the side pocket panels–I’m very proud of that. And please also note how I placed the darkest parts of the stripe repeat over the gusset and crotch, the better to hide that crotch sweat. (Hey, it happens.)

And can we talk about the new experience that is going to the gym in the mornings? After the layoffs at work happened, it was too hard to make my preferred 5:00 pm class time–and the 6:30 pm class just cut the evening in two. So last week I tried the 7:00 am class and I had so much focus for the rest of the day, I felt like a WIZARD.

It’s taken me 39 years but I’ve finally figured out SO MUCH: exercise is fun! doing things first thing in the morning is great! eight hours of sleep matters! go to bed early! I know my dad is proud.