I was pretty fed up with everything last week, including all my homemade bras. Even though they weren’t wired, even though I’d been happy with the comfort level all pandemic, suddenly having a back closure and elasticĀ  edges and straps was Just. Too. Irritating.

So I made a couple sets of even more relaxed bras and undies over the weekend, with no exposed elastic. Hell, they might even be pushing the definition of “bra” and moving more into “undershirt,” but I’m not mad about that.

First up is a Greenstyle Embrace Bra and matching Stitch Upon a Time Bunzies in some citrus print:

You’ll recognize that checkerboard knit in the background from last week–I bought three yards so I used a little to make a Sophie Hines Axis Tank and more Bunzies, inspired by the checkered ones from Arq.

Long term readers will remember that the Bunzies were my first venture into making undies a few years ago; it’s nice to return to them and all their full coverage glory. This time I tweaked the leg bands to be half as wide and treated them like binding (to mimic Arq’s “signature bound edge construction” lol) and used my cover stitch on everything.

Yesterday was busier at work but I felt much happier about everything, since I was wearing my giant soft bra and undies. Nothing like a quick project that offers real rewards.