I’m thinking about making a winter coat. I thought about it last year and then just bought one, but this year I’ve discovered blogs that walk you through tailoring techniques and provide source info for things like hymo interfacing and hair canvas.

What coat would I make? Well, like 90% of women on the planet, I’ve always loved the orange one from Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

I could track down a vintage pattern that’s similar and learn how to make bound buttonholes, but I have a better idea. Remember this coat from a few years ago?

If I make the longer length, leave off the shoulder capes, and then cinch it with a belt instead of buttons, I think I’d have a modern take on the Audrey coat. Plus, I’d know how it fits and how it goes together, making it easy to add fancy tailoring steps.

Of course, J. Crew has something similar this season, too–but I don’t want to enable J. Crew any more than I have. (And it’s $325. Not everyone is a high roller, J. Crew.)

So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I’ve even ordered swatches, so I think I may have answered the question of “Should I?” and moved on to “When can I get this project going?”