I made clothing for my bottom half! It worked! They’re fuchsia and look like a serape! They FIT! (I’m sparing you pictures of my legs but they really are comfortable and well-fitting.)


Fit adjustments:

  • Graded from a size 10 in the hips to an 8 in the waist, which I will not do next time. (I don’t know why I can’t grasp that waists need to be big enough to go over hips as you pull on shorts. This pair works but I think shorts can be a little more, ahem, relaxed.)
  • Added two inches to the inseam because nobody at age 37 wants to wear 4″ shorts.
  • No other fit changes, but next time I’m debating between just adding a half inch at the top below the waistband or slashing and spreading at the hipline to get a little more length in the torso (mine is super long).

Next time, I say? Why yes, I do have the pants fabric from last week and a cut of this ikat for another pair of shorts on their way.