The fashion item du jour is the shirt-jacket (or “shacket”), a big unlined shirt-tailed jacket with some 90s vibes. I immediately jumped on that fashion train because 1. a shacket sounded like a good WFH layer and 2. the word “shacket” is so terrible, it’s great. I used it as much as possible while making this, always in call caps: “Time to work on my SHACKET!” “My SHACKET just needs buttonholes and it’s done!”


This is the Rya pattern from FibreMood, a German company. (They now include seam allowances in their patterns, but it’s a little tricky to tell which file actually has said seam allowances, so just be vigilant.) I took off a good 12 inches of length as drafted–8 inches at the lengthen/shorten line and then another 4 from the shirttail bottom, for less of a rollercoaster swoop.


I thought the instructions were good, with lots of illustrations. There’s no collar stand but there’s this crescent shaped piece to help with the roll (I’m sure there’s a name for it but I haven’t encountered it before outside of RTW). The hem is also bias faced so the finishes are all really professional.


I used a jacketing/light coating from JoAnn, which was surprisingly nice, with some wool and rayon in with the poly. Buttons were from Wawak.

I love those giant chest pockets (plus there’s side seam pockets!). Everything on this is oversized but that seems to be the point of a SHACKET, and I’m happy with the fit. I didn’t have to lengthen the sleeves at all for my long arms, so if you have normal length arms that allow you to bench press successfully, watch out for the sleeve length as drafted (and be grateful).