If it’s going to snow and be cold forever, I’m going to have some new fleece for it. This was an impulse project over the weekend, sparked by looking at the Cotopaxi site (and by having about 6 different types of fleece and Supplex and a basket of notions on hand):

I used the Green Pepper Polar Pullover pattern again and just eyeballed where to split the main body to make 2 sections for color blocking. Instead of trying to put a zipper in this wiggly fleece, I extended the snap placket all the say down. Then I zoomed in on the Cotopaxi pocket and cut a square that looked about the right size and put an inset zipper in it (with a zipper garage!).

I cut too much off the armholes; I should have just taken the width off the shoulder and not evenly around. But it works to wear over big sweatshirts:

And it is COZY. I wore it out to the grocery store yesterday afternoon instead of a coat and was nice and warm, even though the wind was blowing and it was 37 degrees.

I got inspired by a lot of the Cotopaxi color block look and it’s not looking like it’s going to be warm any time soon, so stay tuned for some fleece joggers and a jacket that tries to mimic the quilting detail on this one.