This is going to be the last “modeled” shot for a while (taken last week) but it definitely won’t be the last of the Greenstyle Brassie Joggers–this is my fifth to date (only the third blogged) and I stress-sewed two more pair this past weekend for comfy isolation wear.

These are in an Ankara print “DTY knit,” which I’d never heard of before, from a big order after Christmas. To me, the DTY (draw textured yarn) feels like a cross between a brushed nylon/Supplex activewear and a double brushed poly knit. It has that cotton-y feel of the Supplex and the softness (but not the sponginess) of a DBP.

Either way, I wore them to work last week and then to dinner with my BFF and he saw them and exclaimed, “Are those Pucci?” Quite a win for what could be pajama pants.