This is my problematic copy of a jacket by the artist Natalie Ebaugh.  Here is the original inspiration (saved from her Instagram):

And here is my version:

Why is it problematic?

Well, firstly because I had a helluva time getting the sleeves to work. I blithely assumed kimono sleeves would be simple and just used the body of the StyleArc Sabel cardigan for a pattern. I ended up doing a lot of tweaking along the side seams to try to get a little more room in the sleeves. It’s definitely wearable but kind of looks like it has T-rex arms on the hanger.

Secondly, I feel like I entered into too gray of an area of copying with this. I thought making it would be similar to my Madewell knockoffs, where I feel cool for replicating a look and saving money, but I wore it to work and everyone oohed and ahhed over the fabric and the giant pockets and I just felt…flat. I couldn’t take credit for the good ideas of either.

Do I still love it? Yes. That fabric–Nani Iro “Beautiful Life–is what made me want to make it in the first place (I found maybe the last of the b&w canvas colorway from here). There’s moons and stars and planetary rings and TINY. COSMIC. HORSES.

Maybe the next time I want to copy something so closely, I’ll just buy the fabric and let my ideas percolate a little more.