I’m on a quest to find a good t-shirt pattern and I had three yards of inexpensive (but surprisingly high quality!) cotton knit, so now I’m prepared for any regattas that I might need to attend:

The back is the free Closet Core “Core T-Shirt” in the 3/4 sleeve version. The neckline is gorgeous–not open but also not too high, very elegant–but I don’t love the boxy fit in this knit.

The middle is the (also free!) Secondo Piano “Basic Instinct T” and it’s the perfect vintage/boy fit, with neat shoulders and a high neck. I’ll size down for the next one but it’s the winner for the third stripe colorway I bought and maybe even a solid white version.

And the scraps from the 3/4 sleeve tee got turned into a test of the Wardrobe by Me “Muscle Tank.” I’m generally impressed by their drafting but the binding lengths were way off here (and I double checked I cut the right sizes)–the neck was too tight and the arms were too loose? Very strange. And the negative ease is intense, but I like the shape enough I might try again with tweaks.

Now I just need to make some khakis and then find a boat race or two.