I have been feeling the ruffle moment in fashion for a while now; when I saw Martha at Buried Diamond’s vintage ruffle blouse in not one but TWO contrasting Liberty prints, I lost all reason/fear of looking like Anne Shirley and went for my own version.

Did I go straight for the good fabric? Yes (at least both prints were on sale). Did I make a muslin? No. Did I cut a size 12 instead of the 14 because I didn’t want it to be too voluminous? Yes. Was that a mistake? Yes. I love this but the cuffs, collar, and shoulders are just a leeeeetle too tight. I can wear it now but I’m not sure it’s going to work after another 6-month max cycle at the gym.

I seriously love it, though. That main Liberty print is so great, with its crazy Mary Blair/Technicolor flowers. I sent a progress picture of it to my friend and she gave me the nicest fashion compliment I’ve ever gotten:

I mean…that’s a really good compliment. Such is the power of Liberty and ruffles.