After thinking about it for two years, I finally made and wore a jumpsuit. It is baggy and a weird mustard color. It does no favors to my butt. It is loose and sloppy and wrinkly and I love it. 

I feel like a Ghostbuster or like Rosie the Riveter. I feel really happy not being pretty. I want to accessorize my jumpsuit with a gray streak in my hair and giving good advice to young women and making young dudes a little alarmed.

I will be making more jumpsuits. Here’s the details on this one:

  • I used the PDF Marilla Walker Roberts Collection, cut in a size 3. The construction with the clever angled back seam (detail below) meant I had to get it 80% done and then baste the front waist and outside seams to check the fit. It’s a true drop crotch, which I thought would mean a regular crotch on my long torso, but I ended up taking the shoulder seams up half an inch and cutting half an inch off the inside leg seam allowance, too.

  • The pattern calls for flat-felling the majority of the seams, which sounded like too much of a time investment for a gamble on fit. I ended up doing a mock version of it, just topstitching down the seam allowance.
  • I used Kaufman Jetsetter Stretch Twill that I’d bought to be Emerson pants but decided was too heavy. It’s nearly a jean weight so that’s probably adding to the “coveralls” vibe. (I’d be curious to try this in a heavy linen next time.)
  • I set snaps instead of doing buttonholes, since “quick and good enough” was my approach to this one and I had a set of 100 leftover from my Tamarack jacket.
  • My adjustments taking up the shoulder probably created the drag lines around the cut-on sleeve. I debating shaving the sleeves off while I was fitting this–maybe on the next linen one.
  • I really can’t recommend wearing a baggy jumpsuit enough.