Instagram has a whole hashtag of “quilts in the wild,” which is exactly what it sounds like: people showing off their finished quilt in a beautiful natural setting. So of course I dragged Doc up to the top of Millcreek after I finished hand sewing the binding on my little log cabin throw.

This is my first real quilt (not quilted coat) in over a decade and it was much more fun than I remember the last two being. I used 2.5″ strips to make log cabin blocks until I thought it was big enough and tried to not buy too much new fabric for it–I’d say it worked out to be 70% stash, 30% new. (I used leftover strips to piece the binding on the straight grain and an old sheet for the backing, too.)

This has been very thoroughly blogged so please enjoy more nearly-identical pictures of me holding up a quilt in the mountains (and Doc’s location sense):

OK bye! Until the next quilt!