I surprised myself this year by really going for all the seasonal pumpkin flavors that popped up–pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe’s, a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin and squash pasta sauce, you name it. So it makes sense I’d go for a pumpkin shirt, too:



This shirt came about from┬ámy search for a heavy flannel. I was really tempted by this brand that adds contrast facings and is made in America–but it was $120 and it wasn’t even pre-shrunk (!).


So I got some trusty Kaufmann “Mammoth Flannel” (that I’ve used for shirts for Doc) and made my own. My contrast has a pheasant print with grasses and old barns and I love it–it reminds me of visiting my mom’s family in Nebraska and of Bob Ross, who never met an old barn he didn’t paint with a palette knife.





Pattern: Archer Button Up, Grainline Studio
Mods: Flat-felled the seams, put in a real tower placket on the sleeves
Main fabric: Mammoth Flannel in Crimson
Contrast fabric: eQuilter
Warm pumpkin feelings: 100