Just like Muddy Waters, I got my [sewing] mojo workin’ again. I even think I could work fast enough to complete not just one, but two projects in the season I intend to wear them. Crazy talk, I know.

The first thing I want to make is a cape, because that is a rational and versatile item to add to one’s wardrobe. This Vogue pattern has been well-reviewed on the sewing blogs and has a dramatic collar to boot:


I’m picturing it in this plaid, which I think would take it from “Giambattista Valli knockoff” to “Technicolor mod” (obviously far superior):  plaid
The other plaid project I am feeling ambitious enough to tackle is a little 60’s-ish jacket…


…in this plaid:


The pattern comes with an optional intensive step-by-step guide with instructions for underlining, etc. so I think I could finally attempt some real tailoring.

I ordered swatches (because nice plaids, they are not cheap) and will pick up the cape pattern on sale this week. I really think I can start and finish at least one of these. Stay tuned.