After you’ve worked from home in elastic-waist pants and a knit top (with a real sports bra underneath!), what nicer feeling than to change into even COMFIER elastic-waist pants and a DIFFERENT knit top?


I didn’t buy all these fabrics with the intention of making a new wardrobe of pajamas to wear at home during a pandemic, but it happened to work out that way:

  • The yellow Sloane Sweatshirt was made from scraps from the sweatshirt I made Doc last year; I threw a daruma patch on it (sitting around from this idea) to make it look a little Comme des Garcons.
  • While I had yellow in the serger, I whipped up another pair of Brassie Joggers in a palm print double brushed poly I got in my December order. These were going to be pants to wear on the plane to and from Hawaii–I figure I can lounge in them until that trip happens.
  • The stripes are another pair of Brassie Joggers, this time in a stripe baby french terry from Surge Fabrics. They had a 29% off Leap Day sale and I had worn my old striped J. Crew pajama pants into literal rags, so it was time for an upgrade.


Last week I didn’t really get “dressed” for working at home and I felt like a slug by the end of the week, so this week I’m putting on woven pants (ok, they still have an elastic waist) from 9-5. Which makes changing into fresh spring loungewear at the end of the day even better.