I’ve been seeing a lot of gray/glen plaid show up this season (even Meghan Markle is getting in on it!). I was considering buying or making a plaid blazer, but my life really isn’t a blazer life any more. Then I saw this Pinterest image and thought, “PLAID PANTS!”

I briefly considered trying a new pants pattern with a flat front or a real fly, but the trusty True Bias Hudson Pants won out in the end, because I knew they fit and I could make them in a weekend. I used some stretch rayon/poly suiting from Fabric.com, which holds up really well after a day in the office.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: Yay for sewing, which lets me jump on the trends without 1.) spending an exorbitant amount and 2.) going to H&M and feeling guilty about sweatshops.