It’s not a dress but it feels spring-like and fancy¬†and I wore it to a celebration,¬† so I think it fulfills the same purpose as an Easter dress.

I mostly wanted an excuse to sew up this deadstock rayon twill from Fabric Godmother (from last year; sold out), and the idea of a dressy button up seemed really appealing after two years of tshirts or fleece.

I mean, that print is so great. I didn’t have enough fabric to really get the repeat evenly distributed (on the back there’s a lawn chair and a cow!) but the overall effect is still good. This is the Grainline Archer buttonup (not linking since they refuse to expand their size range) and I went up two sizes for maximum drapiness. That made the sleeves a little long but I’m ok with it.

Where will I wear this Easter dress next? Maybe to a new job interview? Let’s hope.