On Instagram, it seems like everyone and their dog on is making the Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company–yes, that’s “Wilder” like Laura Ingalls and “gown” like nightgown, or “big shapeless dress.” Obviously I had to jump on that bandwagon, too.


  • Easy pattern
  • Great instructions–anyone could make this
  • Looks good on lots of people
  • The neck gathers make for a nice fit in the bust, even without darts
  • Extremely on-trend
  • Comfortable, like a nightgown


  • As drafted, I think the casing for the neck tie is a hair too narrow, leading to lots of folding and bunching of the tie
  • The combo of raglan sleeves and unfixed gathers around the neck means that the neckline is prone to a lot of shifting when wearing. I tacked my tie at the center back and at both ends, but essentially the entire weight of the dress is hanging from the neck gathers. Combine that with a lightweight fabric (just some poly crepe from JoAnn) and you get a neckline that moves around a lot.
  • No pockets as drafted (I added some)
  • If you make it in a dainty floral print, it may be indistinguishable from a nightgown


Am I happy with this? Yes. It’s very FASHUN and good for twirling. Will I make it again? Maaaaybe in a big floral for spring. But we’ll see what the next hot pattern is for 2020 first.