It’s a good day!

First, notice the new blog format? The archives are now a lot easier to go through.*

The new storage, built by my dad and furnished with boxes from IKEA**:

There are quilt fabrics in the top half of the stack in this close up:

The skirt I mentioned last week:

And, of course, OBAMA! I have Mr. Isbell’s laptop open streaming the beginning of the ceremony as I write this.

*The images in the archives were lost, sadly. But I was unable to search them for particular posts with or without images before. We’ll just say 2009 starts a new phase in the blog.

**I highly recommend the elderberry flower concentrate from IKEA foods–“Fladersaft.” Mix one part concentrate, two parts gin, and three parts water, and serve with a lemon slice for a delicious elderberry sour apertif.