These socks weren’t difficult at all and I messed up on the stitch counts on the second one, but I love them: 

That’s because I started them in February and then got tendinitis and wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to knit again. I’m a little more cautious at the gym and start to ice my elbow now if I feel that familiar twinge, but I’ve recovered enough that I knit everything from the heel down on the second sock and started another pair (!) in the last month. It’s a far cry from my “Year of Socks” plan but at least I don’t have to feel bitter every time I look at my basket of sock yarn.

These are the Thicksgiving Socks from Summer Lee with two yarns held together. I know the cream one was Malabrigo and the bright orange was Hedgehog Fibres but I don’t remember the other yarn that I used. Whatever the yarn, these are my favorite socks now, The Socks Of The Return To Knitting.