Back when I was making underwear at the beginning of the year, I ordered some of Spoonflower’s stretch polyester without getting a swatch (you know where this is going…). Turns out it’s not stretchy enough for undies (sad trombone!) but I used it to test out the Fancy Tiger Adventure Tank pattern on my Make Nine list.

I cut a straight medium; next time I will go down to a small since the body is just a hair too wide, especially in a drapey fabric. But this is a seriously great pattern–only uses a yard of fabric, goes together in under an hour, has a high neck, and covers the tops of your shoulders so they don’t get fried out in the sun. I’m wearing this poly one for running/gym times and finished another test one in bamboo jersey that I wore hiking Sunday.

I am also trying to blend into this honeysuckle vine here? Is this how running and muscles work? Don’t mind me.