I’ve been moving things around and putting up more pictures (and going to IKEA three times) instead of sewing this last week. When I was sewing lately, I would look around and think, “This room feels temporary.” Granted, it’s a workspace, but there was an odd collection of storage and too much blank wall space.

So I moved the mirror in the bedroom into the sewing room and put it on a blank wall, and framed up some fabric and a Maxfield Parrish postcard and it’s much improved.

Here’s the before (with all the in-progress projects, too):

And here’s the after, with some “styling” done

Moving that bedroom mirror has started a whole “if you give a mouse a cookie” string of events, though….because I had to replace the bedroom mirror with something, and that turned out to be the mirror in the hall bath, which needed a new mirror, and then the bedroom needed some art around its new mirror and so did the bathroom, and I think maybe the sewing room needs some more coordinated storage along the other wall, and why not get a new desk chair for the office while I’m at it?

So that’s why I haven’t been sewing. But I will enjoy the room more when I get back into it.