Still going to the gym, still making tights for the gym, still waiting to get my bench bigger, which is why I’m still going to the gym four days a week.  I have to remind myself that 16 months ago I could barely use the 10 pound dumbbells to bench press, so I am making progress. But my upper body progress is slooooooow.

Anyway. Now that I’m at the gym in the mornings, I have to pay a little more attention to when class ends so I can get to work, which means I’m reaching for my tights with pockets more. So here’s another pair of Greenstyle Super Gs with phone pockets: The fabric on these was a lucky find from Fashion Fabrics Club–brushed nylon Supplex (my favorite tights base) that’s super soft and luxurious. The burnt orange is very fashion-y, too.

Here’s a slightly better lit still from a form check video that shows the pockets in the side panels. This is 70 pounds, which is 80% of my max of 85 pounds, and it was moving pretty well. Slow and steady, right?