I finally finished the plaid Madewell knock off I talked about last month. Why “finally”? I had a lot of issues with it so it felt like it dragged on and on (and this year of hyper-productive sewing has gotten me used to finishing projects in two weeks).

But first, here’s me being a Madewell model:

The shirt isn’t anything tricky–another Archer button up in some more Kaufman Mammoth Plaid. But I had an attack of sewing hubris and didn’t consult my trusty tutorial for sleeve plackets…which meant that I somehow sewed them so they open backwards. There’s no going back from that so I just forged on.

I also cut this bigger, as I wanted oversized and I think that Mammoth flannel continues to shrink throughout its life. My other plaid version was a 4 in the shoulders and sleeves, grading to a 6/8 at the hips/waist. This is a straight 8 through the shoulders and waist, grading to a 10.  Next time, I will cut a 6 in the shoulders and sleeves, as it’s a little too oversized: I ended up having to take the cuffs off, remove length, and pleat out some extra fullness.

Minor issues aside, I really love the colors in this one–that rust and ochre and “phthalo blue” (Bob Ross colors)  are all I want to wear lately. And I’m really proud of the plaid matching. Just don’t look too closely at the sleeve plackets.