This week’s projects had about a 50% success rate. Let’s start with the one that worked out:
I finally got the shower curtain for the guest bath done. (As I didn’t have any guests clamoring to use the shower, there wasn’t a lot of motivation.) It’s just a rectangle with some buttonholes at the top, so it went pretty quickly.

Above, you can see the tiger painting ended up in the guest bath…

…but can you spot the tiger descendant in this picture?

The not-so-successful project was some DIY art I tried to paint for the living room. I was inspired by this artist’s watercolor chevrons:

But since I don’t like prints of paintings and I thought the chevrons could be even MORE colorful, I decided to try my own. I was being cocky and thought, “I’m so good with color, I don’t even need to plan out the order of my stripes–I’ll just see what inspires me.”

Well, as the boy I was desperately in love with years ago said to me after we watched Wuthering Heights, “Let this be a lesson to us all.” I don’t think I could have made this uglier if I tried:

I mean….wow. Not a success. Looking at it, I can see how re-arranging the color order would fix it, but I think I have learned that painting is not for me. I’ll stick with fabric.