I had to scrap two sewing projects over the weekend, which was deeply frustrating because it was a perfect weekend to “stove up” (as Mr. Isbell says) inside and be crafty. However, on Saturday a houndstooth skirt failed because I refused to admit the fabric was too loosely woven to be cut on the bias, and on Sunday I finished the blue chambray dress and discovered it looked like something issued to an impoverished Russian woman at a state institution for unwed mothers. (Not a flattering fit and not the best use for a plain [prison] blue fabric, in hindsight.)

However, there’s knitting! And sweaters are warmer than dresses, especially when they’re this thick: This cardigan is going well, but last night I detoured to the yarn store because all I could think of all day was socks (I think my ankles were cold).

So I bought some sock yarn that is computer-dyed to knit up into patterns, like this: I generally avoid things knitted on tiny needles, but I think the magic color changes will keep me interested–and keep my ankles a lot warmer than a Soviet-issue dress.